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Inkhorn's Erotonomicon

Paul Convery, a hardworking fellow lexicomane from Glasgow, Scotland, contacted me recently to ejaculate with pride over his latest labor of illicit love, Inkhorn's Erotonomicon: An Advanced Sexual Vocabulary for Verbivores and Vulgarians. It's the most verbally engorged example of lubricious lexicography since J. E. Schmidt's Lecher's Lexicon, guaranteed to give wordlovers of all persuasions a safe-lex frisson. Here is what Mr. Convery has to say about it in his introduction:

"Who among us has not at some time gone to the dictionary to look up the 'inkhorn' words – the four-syllable rather than four-letter words – to satisfy their lexical and sexual curiosity? And yet, even the largest unabridged dictionaries will be found to contain only a smattering of the more advanced and inventive erotic vocabulary.

"Enter the Erotonomicon.

"Shunning the bland and the boring, eschewing common slang and swearwords, Inkhorn's Erotonomicon – 'The Book of Sex Words' or 'The Book of Erotic Names', according to taste – is the first dictionary to gather together the obscure and the obsolete, the otiose and the ostentatious, the outlandish and the outrageous, showcasing words you would never otherwise have known existed for things you would never have believed possible.

"The Erotonomicon combines erudition with entertainment, providing concise and often quirky definitions for 5000 outré words and phrases across such diverse subject areas as Gendermaps & Gendermachy; Fornication & Fecundation; Organs & Orifices; Erotolepsis & Erotopraxis; Prostitution & Pornography; Matrimony & Matrimonotony; and Sexotica & Sexoterica."

And here are a half-dozen glimpses of the book's wanton wares:

agomphathymia lack of sexual interest in a partner with few or rotten teeth

klepsigamy sexual relations involving emotional deceit

debitum reddere marital sex on demand

bawsymbephilist a collector of brothel tickets

metrona a woman who has become a grandmother at an unusually early age

bivirism a threesome involving one female and two males

I was pleased, of course, to see that Mr. Convery included at least one of my coinages from my book There's a Word for It:

insignificant other a casual lover.

We all must do our best to contribute to the salacious wordstock of English.

You can find out more about this titillating title at Amazon or Google Books. (I tried to paste in the links, but for some reason it didn't work. Sorry.)

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