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One Writer's Ravings:
A Logophile's Blog
for Language Lovers

The Accidental Debaters

Most people watched the Obama-Romney debate last Wednesday night to hear what the candidates had to say about domestic issues and the economy. The pundits watched it like judges at a boxing match, keeping track of who landed more verbal punches. I watched it for another reason: to see who would have more accidents of style. Read More 
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Confessions of a Nymwit

I love when people ask me to coin a word for them because I love to make up words. The satisfaction of fashioning something that aptly fills a gaping hole in the language is akin, I imagine, to what a sculptor feels creating harmonious form out of earth or stone. And, unlike nearly all nonverbal artistic creations, a well-made word can elicit a chuckle or even, if it's especially clever, a guffaw. Read More 
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Words Into Typo

In my last post — more than a month ago (sorry, I’ve been busy) — I promised to enter the publishing confessional and tell you about some of the exasperating mistakes that squeaked by my copyeditors, proofreaders, and my own squiffy eyeballs and became enshrined in my books. If you can groan and bear it, read on. Read More 
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